2021 Capricorn Love Life

2021 Capricorn Love Life

Until now, you are one of those who have experienced the difficulties that love can cause rather than the existence of good feelings. Love is not just a rosy phenomenon for you. You are one of those who know most clearly that true love has storms and that the person you rely on in these storms is the person you love. You were not one of those people who were offended by fate at the slightest obstacle and frequently used the word “forget it”. Besides, you can’t wait to reveal the most special feelings of your heart.

As one of the thoughtful signs of the earth sign, you will not want anyone to interfere with your decisions. In particular, you will surround your love life with an important circle of immunity. While your self-confidence attracts the attention of the opposite sex, you can stay away from people who constantly change their minds and cannot fully understand what they want. It may also affect you that some people around you talk too much about their sexual life. If you are a married Capricorn, you may want to have different sexual experiences with your partner. While your self-sacrificing side in love will outweigh in 2021, you will know the difficulties of your loved one’s private life as if it were your own, and you will take responsibility. Although the open side of you in life is often loved, it can be frustrating at times. So much so that you may disagree with your partner on important issues. If you are a non-relationship Capricorn, you will want to put aside the complexity of life and meet new people.

If your Venus is in Capricorn;

If your Venus sign is Capricorn, you want to set and set the rules yourself in the relationship. You value privacy. You do not want to be constantly asked about the details and secrets that you do not want to share. You can show your limits in this matter and show teeth from time to time. One born in the Venus Capricorn cycle takes care of himself; may use different ways to attract attention. He tries not to be a prisoner of his feelings and knows how to hide his feelings from the other party when necessary. If your Venus sign is Capricorn; You may have sudden outbursts like a straw flame. But you also quickly realize your mistakes in the relationship. You do not hesitate to compete with the person you like. From time to time, you may want to cover up the problems you have with the person you love and give a perfect appearance. The financial situation and social status of the person you will start a relationship with is important to you. You want to be with a person with whom you can walk firmly into the future in every sense, and you know your responsibilities. While you may not be able to control your passions from time to time, most of the time you are in control. You want the other person to exercise their emotions and logic at the same time. You are full of six empty words. Behaving thoughtlessly, ignoring the rules of society, being a person of radical decisions; It is one of the qualities that Capricorn cannot relate to. If Venus is in Capricorn, you also want your romantic words to be filled and reflected in behavior.

If your Mars is in Capricorn;

If you are someone with Mars in Capricorn, a successful life awaits you. The part of you who do your best to be successful wherever you are in life will not slow down in 2021 either. The effect of the planet of war on your sign is different compared to other signs. Although you may seem quiet from the outside, you are not in favor of staying silent in the face of topics that interest you. Especially the way you fearlessly voice the mistakes you see in your private life is a behavior that your Mars reveals. There are no words in love that annoy you as much as the words selfish and ego. Even if the person you love is successful in a job they do well, it makes you the happiest person in the world, but being selfish and egoistic because they do this job well will make you so angry and drive you away from them. With the influence of Mars, you are affected by those who struggle against life and hold on to it. The part of you that likes long-term plans is related to your perspective on one-night stands. You can be seen as an ideal wife candidate while being so planned attracts the attention of the other party. Your inquisitive and discovery-hungry side may be the biggest reason why your partner enjoys taking long trips with you. You find a way to enjoy life somehow. You are not afraid of working hard and having difficulties for the person you love. If necessary, you will face the world for him. If you’re a Capricorn in a relationship, the influence of Mars in your sign emphasizes your possessive side. This means that you are also quite the jealous person in your relationship.

  • If you are one of the Capricorn zodiac signs in a 2021 relationship; starting from this month, he will want to take strong steps for the future with your lover; you will want to speed up your promise, engagement and wedding preparations. If you are among the zodiac signs that closed last year, you will increase the dose of passion with your partner. If you are a Capricorn with an empty heart; As of March 21, the person you will meet constantly may make you feel emotions that you have not felt before.


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