2021 Gemini Love Life

2021 Gemini Love Life

How is the love life of 2021 Gemini horoscope? Astrologer Zeynep Turan commented…

Are you ready to enter a process where you challenge yourself? The sky will have surprises for you in 2021. The biggest of these surprises may be to unlock your heart. Surprising partnerships may come into your life as you expand your circle, meet new people, and become acquainted with different ideas on many subjects. While these new partnerships lead you to take a journey to the depths of your heart, you may recall some thoughts that you could not bring to an end in your inner world due to the ruptures in your previous relationship. The processes in which the differences of opinion in your close friendships will confuse you can tire you mentally. You don’t want your friendships to interfere with your relationships. You are in a year where you want to forget the mistakes of the past.

You will embrace the days when the desire and passion inside you are felt strongly. While 2021 will make you aware of the existence of emotions you have not experienced, you can enter the processes where right and wrong are redefined. In love you have always given of yourself and have never been selfish in any way. The sky underlines that you will be rewarded for your efforts for love. In order to forget the pains in your heart, you will find the strength within you that you have not discovered before, and you will not avoid taking responsibility to find peace. Being with people who make your heart beat will make you experience the excitement you miss. Your planetary movements point to innovative ideas to spice up your sex life.

If you are a married Gemini, you can make plans to spend good times in your bedroom with your spouse. If you are not in a relationship, people who make you feel completely different may come into your life in an instant. Most importantly, the move of lucky planet Jupiter to water sign in May will activate your moderate feelings. The sky is warning! It’s only a matter of time before old relations rekindle.

If your Venus is in Gemini;

If your Venus sign is Gemini, your love life is endless. Your quick wit and practical side will be useful to you both in problems in relationships and in happy moments; Showing your difference increases your attractiveness. Those born in the Venus Gemini cycle; They don’t like being pressured or being envied too much. With this feature, you may feel that you have difficulty in finding someone suitable for you. You take care to act sincerely and sincerely, as if you were not pretending. You expect the same approach from the person who enters or is entering your life. When Venus is in Gemini, the person always wants to keep the excitement alive in the relationship. No matter how long your relationship, marriage, dating is, you stay away from monotony, and you don’t refrain from displaying unruly attitudes to protect your excitement. However, this behavior may cause you to draw a childish image to the person in front of you from time to time.

Those born in the Venus Gemini cycle want to know about the person in their life or the person they like. They ask him and the people around him questions, they cannot hide their curiosity. Because it is very important for them to get rid of the question marks. You may not be able to keep the balance while you want to be the questioning party, not the questioned party. Your focus of attention changes easily. You get bored easily in the same place, with the same people. You may find it difficult to control your misunderstandings in this regard. Since your communication is strong, you can go down to everyone’s level and you will not have any difficulty in giving meaning to emotions. You easily explain and give direction about love, passion and love.

If your Mars is in Gemini;

Your nature, which never hesitates to say what you think, is one of the most important building blocks that make up your character. If you are someone with Mars in Gemini, casual relationships with you will be just a dream. Let alone standing next to people whose word you do not trust, you are the one who ignores them. Arguing that honesty is one of the most important foundations in a relationship also shows how transparent you are. One of the effects of Mars is that you don’t run away from the truth, and you want to hear the truth even if it hurts. The way you trust yourself is the kind that inspires the people around you. In a business, a project or a partnership you are in, you will never be the one causing problems, on the contrary, you want to solve the problems.

You are willing to regret what you have said to people who say that you are overconfident but that you can make mistakes. It’s in your Mars nature to make minor clumsies. You can always discover new ways to have fun. The people around you don’t get bored of you. In your love life, with the influence of Mars, you are both willing and compassionate. You like to use your intelligence not only in your social life, but also in sex.

  • 2021 While you will be the sign that changed the truth the most this year, you will realize that you have entered a year where your desire, passion and determination increase. You will feel this situation even more with the eclipses that will take place in your sign in the second half of the year. This feeling will give you both the power to start and the ambition to succeed. You will like to give chances to people who were not your type before in your bilateral relations.

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