2021 Leo Horoscope Love Life

2021 Leo Horoscope Love Life

Honesty and loyalty… You will be the zodiac sign that seeks these two feelings the most in 2021. Most of all, you will give morale to your friends who are heartbroken. While giving advice as a balm to your friends who share the same fate as you, there may be parts of your own love life that you need to touch. The sky says you will enter the days when you are more distant from people who do not have feelings that form the basis of love… In 2021, you will do your best to protect whatever you value with your life. Even though you have such a protective side, you will show your reaction very harshly to those who ignore your words. Especially if you are a newly married Leo, you can enter into various authority battles with your spouse. The fact that he does not integrate the things you think for his good into his life in a balanced way may cause anger to enter your relationship. The sky emphasizes your avoidance of sudden anger. Time to sacrifice for your loved ones…

Mercury Retrograde, which will take place in your air sign in January, may reveal unexpected events. Meetings, conversations and social events that you did not plan before can develop spontaneously. No matter how unplanned you are, there may be details that will please you from these surprises. If you are a Leo who thinks your love life is turbulent, you have entered a year where you will find true love. The dome of the sky states that the year you will find the love of your life is 2021. In addition, you can more clearly notice the people around you who are interested in you. If you are a Leo in a relationship, you are going through the days when you desire the person you love sexually. Your sexual experiences can cement your love and bind you together more. Non-relationship Leos can also only engage in casual relationships. This can be annoying for Leos who are not in a relationship. So much so that you want to continue your life with people who touch your soul.

If your Venus is in Leo;

If you are a Leo with Venus, you value pride, responsibility, and attention in love. First of all, gaining the appreciation of the person you love is one of the details that please you. To achieve this, you can change your appearance, it has never been difficult for you to switch to a new style. You can adopt an ambitious behavior to reveal your attractive side. Venus, the planet of passion, brings out your natural side to get the person you love. You do not like artificiality, small gifts and sincere touches of the heart are more important to you. You may find it difficult from time to time to apologize for the things you have done wrong. Because you have a feature called “Lion Pride”. But remember that you can show the virtue of apologizing no matter what. In love, you want to feel the attention of the person you love all the time. This can be tiring at times. If you are born in the Venus-Leo cycle; You don’t show your love like everyone else. You make an effort to show your difference. All socially accepted behavior sounds cliché to you, and the planet of Love itself will reveal your creative side. You can never be afraid to produce, believe and experience emotions at the bottom.

If your Mars is in Leo;

It is known that you always show your proud side. On the contrary, if you are someone with Mars in Leo, you know best that you have a side that will do anything to bring yourself to the fore. It makes you happy to be the center of attention in your environment and to be the popular party all the time. There is a Mars that underlines that you will use all the means at your disposal to be noticed. Attention! The combative planet Mars, which emphasizes your competitive side in love, indicates that you can confront anyone for the person you love. In fact, from time to time, you may even be confronted with your family because you have been subjected to unwarranted criticism in your relationship. Your enthusiasm awakens your quick learner side. Besides, you don’t hold back on experiencing new experiences.

While the part of you that finally gets what you want in love is supported by Mars, a warning from the planet that breaks what it holds is as follows; Sometimes your enthusiasm can be easily broken. You did not hear wrong. Mars, which takes your level of struggle to different places, can sometimes cause you to lose your motivation in a small setback. In love life, the side of you that reveals your passions is strong. You’re not selfish when it comes to sex, you focus entirely on mutual pleasure.

  • 2021 The voices of your heart will reach your ears. If you are a Leo in a relationship; August of 2021 may be difficult for you. You may experience problems caused by jealousy crises with your lover. If you are a Leo with an empty heart, on the contrary, you are very lucky. It will increase your libido. You may fall into a relationship that will sweep you off your feet.

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• The Luckiest Days of Your Mars: 11 June, 13 July

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