2021 Libra Horoscope Love Life

2021 Libra Horoscope Love Life

As the sign that most likes to highlight the intelligence of the Air element, there is nothing more pleasing than achieving the difficult for you. You don’t love what everyone loves, you don’t blindly adhere to what everyone else is attached to. For you, there is a way of loving, a strategy of attachment. In addition to this, you want the other person to use their quick wit and mind like you. A relationship that is not within the framework of logic is unthinkable for you.

You are always successful in the spouse and partner you choose. The person you are with both physically suits you and you have parallel perspectives on thinking. You like to feel valued towards the person you love and to make them feel valued as well. Both you and your partner like it very much when you have a tough attitude towards lying in your relationships. Your knowing what you want will not let you down in love or sex. As one of the zodiac signs that is least obsessed with past experiences, everything you experience is an experience, whether good or bad. You always want to be in touch with people you have in common. This feeling is so overwhelming that you can find a way to communicate with the people you love, even in different environments. They often ask you, “Do you have devil hair? It never happens without you!” They say words like The reason for this is your structure that knows what you want and can analyze what the other party wants. Especially in your sex life, you want to give your partner all kinds of pleasure. Sex is a matter of mutual pleasure for you rather than an anatomical event. Aside from your dislike of selfishness in sex, you do not want to have people who experience monotony in your sexual life in your love life.

If your Venus is in Libra;

Takes care to have similar living standards in your relationships; You attach great importance to tolerance and understanding. Excessive impulsivity and anger will alienate you from the relationship; because you don’t want to wear yourself out emotionally. You feel that you belong to the place where you express yourself freely and where you are comfortable. The abilities, practicality and analytical speed of the person in front of you are important to you. A person born in the Venus Libra cycle does not like when their loved one insists and imposes their own ideas. He wants to filter every thought and behavior through his own mental filter. If Venus is in Libra, you seek variability; Monotony and monotony are the details that bore you in a relationship. You know how to behave in a relationship. Your reactions, attitudes and sentences that express yourself well allow you to easily take the other side in your palm. The person born in the Venus Libra cycle is in relationships; He doesn’t forget any special day and wants to make the most of it, and for this he works hard to make the other party feel special. Instead of experiencing temporary feelings, he wants to step into the future. He has a high respect for marriage and love, and prefers long-lasting relationships. If Venus is in Libra, the intensity of your emotions is important to you. You want to beautify your life with your love. Unless it is a very serious matter, you are protective of the peace of your relationship and know how to show patience. But you also make it clear that your vein should not be pressed.

If your Mars is in Libra;

If your Mars sign is Libra; You want to overcome the problems with the person you love. You think that your ideas are more productive in partnership with him. Your commitment to your loved one or the person you like increases. Person born in the Mars Libra cycle; He does not want to suffer injustice in love. He cannot hide his disappointments in this regard. Mars has a detrimental position in Libra, so it can be greatly affected by disappointments in relationships. If your Mars sign is Libra, the communication between you and your lover or spouse’s relatives and family is diplomatic. You know how to give sherbet according to the pulse. You can fight on the run in the relationship, the other party may not know how to proceed against you. You care about sharing, not material. You have full belief that you can achieve anything with the person you have joined your life with. With Mars in Libra, your sex life can be monotonous. But you are also open to innovations. If you are born in the Mars Libra cycle; You can attract the attention of different people, and from time to time you will be surprised by it yourself. You want to spend every moment with the person you love, and you manage to impress him with romantic attitudes according to the place and time. Being a respected person who is listened to in the society will make you attractive. You like to spend time with your friends, if the person you are in a relationship with is too jealous, there may be arguments. It is difficult for you to be restrained in this regard and you want to hold the strings in your own hands. Mars in Libra is somewhat ambitious and capricious; You can see the negative effects of the planet of struggle.

  • If you are a Libra with a 2021 Relationship; You will want to introduce the person you are with in 2021 to your environment. In May, you will think that you are in the middle of strange gossip. In November, you will decide to be more attentive to your relationship that you have worked for years while making the right decisions for yourself. If you are a Libra with an empty heart; In 2021, you will remove people who do not value you emotionally from your life and you will not want to be in relationships that are not serious. Especially the eclipse in June will give you back your self-esteem.

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• The Luckiest Days of Your Mars: February 15, October 30

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