2021 Taurus Love Life

2021 Taurus Love Life

One of your most important thoughts in 2021 will be not to be one of those people who cannot control your heart. Even though there are more people around you who try to teach you about caring for the person you love, you will actually be the one who has already built the bridge between your heart and your mind. Even if you think of your past experiences, the dome of the sky will signal that you need to remove the people who tire your heart from your life as soon as possible. At this point, you will be the party that reveals your determined structure. Seeing that you do not get what you promised can change your perspective on love. Changing your point of view will have profound effects, especially on you, rather than superficial ones. You will step into a process where you discover the benefits of being moderate to solve your problems.

Mercury Retrograde, which takes place on January 30, will first be closely related to your sex life. The sky indicates that you will pass through the days when you do not hesitate to take care of yourself. Being in a state and attitude that reveals your sexiness will also reveal your passionate side. If you are a Taurus in a relationship, you can talk about skin compatibility with your partner. During this conversation, topics from the past can also be opened, you will say that a little nostalgia does not hurt anyone. The greatest teaching of this difficult year that you have left behind will be not to inhibit your emotions. You will want to live what your heart desires. If you are a Taurus with problems that you cannot solve in your marriage, Jupiter’s changing sign in 2021 will help you find innovative solutions to problems. There are small getaways to relieve stress.

If your Venus is in Taurus;

Venus is the ruling sign of Taurus and naturally feels quite powerful. If you are someone with Venus in Taurus; Trust is an indispensable feeling in relationships for you. As you set sail for a love affair, you learn from your past experiences and mistakes and act in the light of Venus. Running your emotional and logic in the same direction will help you in problems in relationships. By taking your guard against emotional ups and downs, you become a person of mature decisions. The planet of love lays the groundwork for you to show your difference in this regard. Someone born in the Venus Taurus cycle; He doesn’t want to be led in his love life. It wants to give direction, make decisions and draw boundaries. Your cold appearance may veil the warmth of your heart, and you may not be able to express your love. You are heartfelt lovers. Taurus signs may reflect romance differently under the influence of Venus. The gifts you receive and the surprises you make are shaped by your own style. However, people want to be loved as much as they love. Taurus signs want satisfactory answers from the other person in return for their actions. You take ownership of your loved ones, and you do not lose your interest in them. The social status of the person you associate with affects you. You can be selective about this. You dress by knowing your body and you know how to impress the other person. Looking sexy is easy for you. If you were born in the Venus Taurus cycle; You do not like to spend time with the person you like or with whom you have a life together with the cliché. You want to experience the untried with it and have lots of good memories.

If your Mars is in Taurus;

It means that you are one of those people who think that it is difficult to reveal your hardworking side. Even if you have forward-looking, visionary and creative plans in mind, you may not be able to show what is expected from you when it comes to implementing them. Feeling that you are unrequited against the emotions in your heart affects your nerves in such a short time that it rises like a fire in a straw and goes out in a moment. Your desire to be in an important place in the lives of those you care about is always evident. You tend to be overprotective of those who love you. The sometimes unrelenting increase in your level of jealousy can negatively affect your relationships. Although your determined nature reveals your strengths, you do not want to show your own weaknesses to the other party, especially in love.

You have a fearless nature of being stubborn. Whatever you believe to be true, you will go after it to the end. In cases where you are right, you do not hesitate to show it in every way. You can hit people with egos harder than expected. If there is ego in love, this is reason enough for you to cool off from the other side. If you are a Taurus who thinks you have inertia, Mars will remind you to focus on your strengths. The tidal processes in your sexual life can affect you more than you think.

  • As the first eclipse of the year 2021 takes place in May, you will want to rest your wounded heart. For this reason, you will focus on travels that will make you feel good. In July 2021, you will want to prioritize your logic. Because when you’re stuck between your heart and your logic, it’s not good for you to focus on just one. The sky will be signaling that being balanced reflects you. If you are a married Taurus, you will be able to find a middle ground with the person you love with the transition of Jupiter back to the air sign in the second half of the year.

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