We are going through a time when the sign of Taurus was very strong with Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury. In this period when we focus on our personal values, assets and resources represented by Taurus, we may actually be in the desire and desire to improve and reinforce our area of ​​self-confidence, loyalty and comfort that has diminished over time. This period, which brings material issues to the fore, may seem to lock all our desires and desires to what we have. In this period when the earth element materialized and aggravated by the Taurus sign, the full moon that occurs in the face of these effects draws attention to our emotional needs that are not very calm. The moon is not at all comfortable in Scorpio, it is considered harmful in astrology. So we can have an emotionally abrasive full moon. Obviously, our wishes and desires that focus on issues related to land and materiality do not match well with our emotional expectations. Because we have emotional needs besides our material desires, and the full moon at this point draws attention to these needs.

In astrology, Scorpio is also associated with spiritual therapy, therapy, healing, psychology, and psychoanalysis. Because Scorpio is about deep, questioning, confronting, confronting, lowering to the bottom and raising again from there and the psyche. This full moon can increase our interest in these issues and make us more questioning and curious. In fact, these aspects can enable us to approach and tackle issues that we normally have difficulty dealing with. We can handle the hard work that we normally cannot do. If we are complacent under the influence of Taurus, we can quickly recover our business.

Likewise, Saturn, which has a sharp angle to the full moon, can show its effect in this environment and create an effect that reminds us of discipline, order and rules again. Mars, which positively affects the full moon, can increase our enthusiasm, energy, insistence and ambitions. There is also Uranus, which is located directly opposite the full moon, and we can see it as a lightning effect, which suddenly does not know what to do and how it will affect. Uranus can suddenly shatter all the complacency, comfort and tranquility that the Taurus influence in this period can bring and bring. Even if the full moon is opposite, it may indicate moods that may change suddenly. On this full moon, we need to remember that the restlessness and discomfort that Scorpio can bring may somehow turn into a constructive effect.

If we come to the effects of the full moon on your sign:

It may be a full moon that reminds you of what you can do on common material issues. Your spouse’s, partner’s affairs may catch your attention. You can balance the emotional turmoil brought about by the difficulties and struggles in business life by accomplishing the hard work.

The full moon that occurs in your opposite sign can help you focus on the needs of your closest person in this period when you focus on your life, wishes, desires and enthusiasm, love and relationship. You can care about his complex emotions and confrontations and focus on that.

It may be a full moon that draws your attention to events in your daily life. You may notice a detail that you missed and feel the need to put your life in order. The responsibilities you assume in matters related to distances can manifest themselves.

This full moon, when you have just begun to advance in your Mars sign, should not wear you down. You can be extremely sensitive, especially about your loved ones. Make sure you balance your passions with logic well, use your mind.

The full moon that occurs as you go through a period when you are fully focused on your goals, plans, business life, duties and responsibilities can be a little nostalgic but a bit tiring full moon that reminds you of your past, home, family, home, and what you left behind.

While a compelling full moon occurs in Scorpio, you should be particularly careful that this process does not damage your nerves. You can react easily with the influence of the other party and say sudden words that are not expected from you, and you can be unwittingly hurt by the influence of Mars.

This full moon, which happens in an unexpected way, at a time when you manage to balance yourself in a spiritual sense, can turn into a process that reminds you of your own worth. Although you may not realize it, you are going through a deep, confrontational time, it may tire you, but you should not excuse this fatigue.

The full moon that occurs in your zodiac sign can be a full moon that reminds you of what you have forgotten about and shifted about yourself for a long time. You may remember that you are a Scorpio sign. You may experience a full moon reminding you of the sacrifices you have made and what you gave up with your loved ones.

This full moon in your subconscious can be a full moon that reminds you of your feelings, intuitions and how powerful and important they can be. In the emotional turmoil brought about by the full moon, you can get out of the material dimension of everyday life and discover your spiritual wealth.

The full moon can shed light on your social life. It can be a full moon that reminds you of your friendships, friendships, and their emotional needs. This full moon may remind you of the outside world and your social circle as you go through a period where you focus on your loved ones, passions and love.

The full moon, which occurs at a time when you are fully focused on your home and family life, may remind you of your goals, plans, work life, career, duties and responsibilities. You may feel that you need to take action to get your daily routines and work in order.

This full moon, which occurs as you pass through a period when you focus on your immediate surroundings and your neighbors, may remind you of distant, foreign and foreign matters and travels. As your sense of exploration and adventure increases, and the feeling of being independent and free from your immediate surroundings, you may want to take action for your loved ones.

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