How Will the Solar Eclipse of December 14 Affect the Signs?  Effects of Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs

How Will the Solar Eclipse of December 14 Affect the Signs? Effects of Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs

During this period, the Moon nodes on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis are also an indication that eclipses will occur on this axis for the next year. In astrology, this axis is seen as determinant in education, learning and communication, while the occurrence of solar and lunar eclipses on this axis will bring these issues forward.

On December 14, we will experience the first solar eclipse that sheds light on this period. While the eclipse in Sagittarius highlights academic, higher education issues, communication with foreigners, foreigners, foreigners, social sharing, it can indicate innovations and beginnings in these areas.

Another feature of this wide-angle eclipse, which takes place in Sagittarius, which is one of the fire element, is that it occurs at the South-Moon node. This situation may indicate that we will spend the period until the next Solar Eclipse, which will take place on June 10, 2021, in fire mobility and vitality, but with a little disability, hilly, hustle and bustle.

Let’s come to the angles of the eclipse. Eclipse merges with Mercury, drawing attention to the importance of thoughts and ideas, education, learning issues, communication. However, while Mercury is in a low position in Sagittarius, minds and minds are scattered and it is harder than ever to concentrate, this can make it difficult for us to focus on a subject or to understand and learn it. On the other hand, we can be in contact with a lot of familiar people, be careful not to fall apart.

The eclipse receives an igniting aspect from Mars in Aries. While this angle pushes us to take action, progress and take action, we can reveal our entrepreneurial side especially in business life. However, while this angle flows smoothly, it is necessary to pay attention to high risks, dangers, speed and haste.

At this point, Neptune, which constitutes another aspect of the eclipse, steps in and establishes a compelling angle to be kept. Our attack can put us in a difficult situation for periods and times that we do not control. Neptune can trigger chaos and confusion, and we can quickly find ourselves in a knot that is difficult to get out of.

Let’s talk about the effects of eclipse on your horoscope:


This eclipse, which reveals and emphasizes your leading aspects, will make you very active and be kind of nurturing. While speeding up the action, you should not ignore the risks and take care to protect your health.

Innovations and new beginnings in your partner’s business and financial situation can be a bit of a challenge for you. Try to take your guard against the action and extra mobility this situation reflects on you.

This eclipse in your opposite sign can be the beginning of a new relationship and togetherness. You can also move to a new level in the current relationship. You should not be discouraged by the obstacles you may encounter while moving into a dynamic period.

While this eclipse, which sheds light on your daily life, working environment, and general routine, brings new beginnings in this area, you may find yourself in a dynamic order. Do not neglect to take care of your health.

This eclipse in a fire element like your sign can trigger you in your love life. You can take action on matters related to your loved ones or things you love. While egos come to the fore, you shouldn’t ignore possible risks.

This eclipse, which brings home and family matters and the past to your pot, can cause a great stir both in your home life and in your inner world. In the face of this mobility, you can set a new order in your home.


Matters related to communication and your immediate environment are on the move. The developments regarding your sibling may be decisive. The accelerated communication and interaction can push you to speak more, write and express yourself more. Protect your mind.


While the last half of the year draws attention to the movement in material and monetary matters, you can take steps to better evaluate what you have. But watch out for overspeeding and possible risks.

It can make you more active and courageous as the last eclipse of the year takes place in your sign. As your mind becomes active, education and communication can be decisive in the coming period. You have to organize the mess this eclipse can bring, which gives you tempo.

The eclipse, which draws attention to the great movement in your subconscious, can draw you into your spiritual world, into your own state. During this period, you may be more concerned with the problems and troubles of others than yourself, you should be careful not to forget yourself.

The eclipse, which sheds light on your social life, also draws attention to innovations and new beginnings in this area. You may have a new group of friends or social circle, and you may find yourself quite motivated and courageous at this point.

Attention to increasing mobility in your field of duties and responsibilities, goals and plans can bring a new job, career or social status, image or position. Your understanding of new order can make it easier for you to organize your life.

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